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            1965 Franklin Proof Tokens

When silver dollars began selling at a premium in 1964, Nevada's casinos found themselves in a difficult position.  Silver dollars were leaving the casinos about as fast as the casinos could fill the machines.  Given that, the state of Nevada passed a regulation allowing casinos, for the first time, to issue their own private dollar denomination gaming tokens.  

At that point, the Franklin Mint began producing tokens for 27 casinos all across Nevada.  The tokens produced for 6 casinos - Harrah's, Desert Inn, Stardust, Sands, Tropicana and Reno's Horseshoe Club were undated.  Tokens for the remaining 21 casinos all were dated 1965.    

In addition to the regular run of each of these Dollar Gaming Tokens, which varied from 5,000 to 250,000 pieces, most of the casinos received 500 proofs of their tokens in individual coin holders.  Also minted were 2,500 complete "proof-like" sets for stockholders of the Franklin Mint, and 500 complete "full-proof" sets in fine silver primarily for presentation purposes.  Each of the "proof-like" and "full-proof" sets were distributed in special serially numbered albums. 

Here are the current 1965 Franklin Proof tokens that I have for sale.  Please e-mail me if you're interested in purchasing any of these tokens, or have any questions about them. 






Desert Inn Las Vegas   $8.00
Desert Inn Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
Dunes Las Vegas   $8.00
El Cortez Las Vegas    $8.00
El Cortez Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
Flamingo Las Vegas    $8.00
Flamingo Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
Fort Lucinda Boulder City    $8.00
Fort Lucinda Boulder City Silver Proof $30.00
Fremont Las Vegas    $8.00
Fremont Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
Golden Nugget Las Vegas   $8.00
Golden Nugget Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
Harold's Club Reno   $8.00
Harrah's Reno & Lake Tahoe   $8.00
Harrah's Reno & Lake Tahoe Silver Proof $30.00
Harvey's Lake Tahoe Brass $8.00
Horseshoe Las Vegas Brass $8.00
Reno's Horseshoe Club Reno   $8.00
Reno's Horseshoe Club Reno Silver Proof $30.00
Jerry's Nugget N Las Vegas Brass $8.00
Las Vegas Club Las Vegas   $8.00
Las Vegas Club Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
Bill Crow's Mint Carson City Brass $8.00
Diamond Jim's Nevada Club Las Vegas   $8.00
Diamond Jim's Nevada Club Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
Carson City Nugget Carson City Brass $8.00
Jim Kelley's Nugget Reno & Lake Tahoe   $8.00
Pioneer Club Las Vegas   $8.00
Pioneer Club Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
Riverside Reno   $8.00
Sands Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
Showboat Las Vegas   $8.00
Silver Slipper Las Vegas   $8.00
Silver Slipper Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
South Tahoe Casino Lake Tahoe Brass $8.00
South Tahoe Nugget Lake Tahoe Brass $8.00
Stardust Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
Tropicana Las Vegas   $8.00
Tropicana Las Vegas Silver Proof $30.00
Complete 1965 Proof-Like Set in Blue Binder  Tokens in Set  Blue Album Cover $180.00

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